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Container Shipping

The cargo ships that deploy truck-size inter modal containers for the shipping, it is defined as “containerization” and the technique is called Cargo Shipping. Non-bulk cargo is commonly transported with this method. It is quite a popular method for commercial inter modal freight. As an estimation, about 40% of seagoing uses container shipping for their particular see cargo needs. The method is quite handy and cost-effective. The domestic as well as commercial clients rely on Container Shipping for their sea cargo needs.

Vehicle Vanning is our strength.

Some example of vanning combination plan into 40FHC.

  • 6 Units of compact car.(Vitz, March, Fit)
  • 5 Units of small sedan(Corolla, Prius, etc)
  • 2 Small sedan & 1 middle sedan & 1 SUV & 1 hatchback
  • 2 Units of middle sedan & 2 units of 4WD vehicles (Mark II, Land cruiser)
  • 2 Units of Hiace & 1kei-truck.

If you have any questions, please to contact us.

We will do our best to load growing number of vehicles into container.

Ports We Cover for Container Shipments

We provide Container shipments for all the leading shipping ports of the region. Hitachinaka, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Hakata, Shibushi ports are among some of the popular sea ports for our Container Shipment Services. If you need container shipping for any other port, give us a call and we will bring you the cost-effective and reliable shipping solution in an efficient way.

Shipping Lines We Partner up with

We are part of the leading Container Shipping Networks and have working partner arrangements with all of the leading shipping lines of the region. Book our Container Shipping and rest assured, we bring you a fast, reliable, and cost-effective Container Shipping solution. We believe in developing sustainable business relationships and bring value to the table with the efficiency of our shipping services.  

Why Use our Container Shipping Service?

Industry knowledge, shipping experience, and efficient processes have made us the No.1 choice for the Container Shipping across the region. We use a combination of our shipping expertise and technology, to bring the best Container Shipments services for our valuable customers. If you are looking for commercial container shipments, we have exclusive deals and partner arrangements. We guarantee highly competitive rates and best prices for Container Shipping services. Book our shipping services, we never let you disappointed with the quality and delivery of our services. Reliable and trusted name in container shipping.