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What is Pre-Export or Pre-Shipment Inspections

As we all know, the international purchasing process involves various inspections and examinations, these inspections are basically designed to protect the interests of buyers by all means. Governments of many countries require pre-shipment / export inspections of goods and items before shipping to international borders. Inspections involve a physical examination or identification of goods and items in the country of export/supply in accordance with the description given by the exporter. 

Other than physical inspection of goods, verification of the prices is also carried out in order to ensure the export prices meet with the prices from the country of supply. It helps the custom department to impose taxes and levies with accuracy and clarity.

Why Pre-Export Inspections are important?

The requirements of Pre Export Inspections vary with government to government, however, it is mandatory by law enforcement agencies to get certification and clearance from the following Pre-Export inspections regulators and bodies for exports and shipping of the goods to international markets.

Why Choose US

We provide Pre-Export Inspection services for all of these regulators and authorities, we go beyond testing and inspecting products, through our quality assurance we make sure all of your goods are fulfilling the pre-requisites of relevant certifying bodies. We have a systemic approach to make sure all the standards and regulations are being met and followed to its core. We make it bespoke assurance through our testing and inspection procedures.

With our industry winning processes, technical expertise, and ground knowledge of the shipping industry. we can help to ensure that your goods and items meet health, environmental, safety, social accountability, and quality standards for any market around the region.

We can sharpen Pre-Export Inspection procedures with the reliable testing and screening of goods and items so that you can have faster regulatory approvals. It helps you with the rapid and efficient entry to a particular market.  With our years of servicing, we have become a trusted name for the Pre-Export Inspections.