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About Us

Our logistics company which specialized used vehicle export in all over Japan.

One of the leading International Shipping Service Provider of the Region all major ports (Yokohama, Nagoya, Kobe, Osaka, Moji, Hakata and others ports), known for the freight forwarding and Reliable Sea Transportation and Logistics. Our logistics company which specialized used vehicle export in allover Japan.

We Undertake Transportation Consistently:

Custom clearance and dray-age arrangement domestically and overseas


  2. RORO / PCC


  2. NVOCC (Non Vessel Owning Common Carrier)

In addition we offer integrated various services to Japanese used vehicle exporters.

Our Story

With the years of shipping experience, we have become No #1 Choice of the customers for their shipping needs. One of the rapidly growing shipping company in Japan, known for the international shipping service innovation and procedural transparency. We have corporate partner arrangements for large and medium-sized enterprises for their frequent shipping needs to the international markets from Japan. Reliable and trusted international shipping partner for specialized RORO and Containers for vehicles exports to the entire region.

Why we are one of the key players in the Shipping Industry of the region?

With the year of shipping experience, ground knowledge and innovation have helped us to acquire a key position in the region. We have state of the art facility and deploy a set of innovative procedures to ensure seamless international shipping services to our valuable customers across the region. We always keep our shipping rates highly competitive and affordable with our partner network arrangements.

Salient features of our international shipping services

  1. Reliable and Efficient Shipping
  2. Tools and Technology deployment
  3. Technical Expertise and Ground Knowledge
  4. Partner Arrangements
  5. 24/7 Service
  6. Highly Competitive Prices
  7. Clearances and Certifications Support
  8. On-demand Custom Shipping Arrangements
  9. Procedural Transparency
  10. Compliance with the rules, regulations, and port authorities

If you are searching for reliable shipping services for your shipping needs for any particular port, we guarantee you the best shipping services available out there. We have won customers' trust through our service excellence, transparent procedures, and swift delivery.

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What makes us stand out among shipping competitors?

With a very humble beginning, now we have become the known name of international shipping for the used cars and specialized vehicles. We believe in strengthening our relationship based on the value addition and service excellence for our valuable customers and enterprise clients.

We use highly sophisticated tools and technology, combined with our shipping expertise to bring seamless and standalone shipping and logistics services for our honorable clients. When it comes to service delivery, we go the extra mile and deliver beyond expectations.

Our Shipping rates are always unbeatable, because of our partner arrangements, huge shipping network, ground knowledge, and technical expertise. Tell us your logistic requirements or shipping needs, rest assured we bring you a highly cost-effective solution. Never worry about our service in excellence and quality.

Our people and our teams always make us feel proud. They are truly shipping masters and technical expert, who know inns and out of the shipping industry. We as a team work together to bring true value to the table for our valuable customers. Our teams have acquired a range of shipping expertise and ground knowledge, with our international shipping services rest assured that you are in safe hands.

In general, it is the act of sending goods from one place to another by ship, however, shipping as a whole is a quite complex industry. It has multiple stakeholders, and involves many regulators, clearance bodies, certifying authorities, shipping lines, ports, logistic service providers and the governments.

Why International Shipping has become popular?

The history of sea cargo is as old as the human being itself, however, with the passage of time and the emergence of industries has increased its significance and relevance tremendously. Sea transportation has become a low-cost alternative to goods transportation to international markets. It has become a 24/7 industry of the year and runs all across the globe. The scalability of international shipping is huge; it has connected all the international markets and countries through the sea routes.